Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Sharing the body fluids

My friend M and I met while our boys were doing early intervention together and we just clicked.
M is the sort of person you can sit and chat with for hours, drop a single word into conversation like "milk" and she'll know exactly what you mean, we just got each other instantly.
M told me about a special study happening at Newcastle Uni and I was lucky enough to get my son squeezed in as the last one.

Fascinatingly it involved collecting the unusual suspects - nasal swab, blood, urine, nail and hair clippings and poo.
The results were out of this world.
All of the kids were somewhere on the Spectrum to some extent; majority of them had no cholesterol at all - no bad or good, nothing, nada, zip.
Most of them had MRSA in huge amounts in nasal passages - this causes head, neck and shoulder pain which interferes with concentration, etc.
Most of the kids eosinophils were greater than normal which indicated that their bodies were fighting some kind of infection but no one could identify what.
And so on.
M had heard about it while on her mission to do her best for her boy and then hosted a morning tea for the dietitian, Dr Libby, who is such a lovely, warm knowledgable person.
M has often called me to include me in any new breakthrough, news on successful treatment, ideas or concepts.
I have often tried to copy M's generosity by sharing news, tips, ideas and suggestions cos a lot of the time it's not the actual news or idea itself but the offer of support, in any form, that perpetuates the bolstering, like a Mexican wave, amongst the community.
And sometimes it's just a smile we need.

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