Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Smiting the obvious and an Autism doco

I think I've survived the roller coaster ride we've been on these past few days.
All the body parts seem to be working although the brain has turned to slush and I cannot for the life of me summon up the name of a Goddess worthy of calling upon to smite the lazy mental health 'professionals' *ahem* .
But we'll leave that until Murphy's Law dictates that right in the middle of a formal dinner I'll remember and blurt it out as Someone Vaguely Important is sharing their lifelong secrets with me.
Over steamed asparagus.

Relax, it'll never happen.
The formal dinner, I mean.
Last time I was formally invited out it was to the dedication of our local historic cemetery.
Cos I'm such a rockin' party chick I'm great for dead people.
And then I completely forgot about the whole formal dedication thing in amongst the panic of my Dad's wheelchair getting a flat tyre.
Oh, I have just the most exciting lifestyle, eh?
So, anywho, if you're still reading this far and haven't gone postal mark your calendars for this Sunday evening.

Screening on ABC 1 this Sunday, 2nd  May at 10.05pm (Compass
Program) is a 1 hour documentary which tells the stories of four
autistic adults - James, Jeanette, Wendy and Akash - who get
together at the autism social picnic, stories about love, family,
work and friendship.

The Wendy in this Documentary is the amazing Dr Wendy Lawson, who
many of you would know is an outstanding presenter, author and

The Documentary is filmed over four years and promises to be a
warm, intimate, moving and quietly challenging film about a
condition that is usually either sensationalised or marginalised.


jeanie said...

That does sound intriging - must remember to do so.

Madmother said...

Lordy you make me laugh!

Will try and remember to watch. Mush brain at the moment.

Maddy said...

We are off to the psychiatrist tomorrow to discuss and debate options - I would so much prefer to weed the garden or possibly watch paint dry.

Ro said...

Set your mini alarm clock to wake you up in case, Jeanie :P

Thanks, MM lol.

Ahhh, yes, I know that feeling, Maddy (((hugs))).

Lani @cerebralmum said...

I'm putting you in charge of reminding me closer to the time! I would really like to see it.

Ro said...

Will do, Lani ;)