Monday, April 5, 2010

Social group find squeeeeeeeeeee!

Yes, it's the little things that float my boat and right now it's the discovery of a Asperger's Syndrome support group that is
  • A. Not far from here
  • B.Doesn't cost an arm and a leg
  • C. Provides social meet-ups for teens
  • D. Provides meet-ups for parents AND partners of those on the Spectrum.
Can honestly say I'm in my happy place doin' the Happy Dance....much to my family's embarrassment lol.
Far out, ticking all the boxes feels like I've won the lottery!
My boy does attend many social-type groups but I've noticed he really relaxes and comes out of his shell properly when he knows he's around people who won't judge or scorn him for his behaviour.
He tics - some from his Tourette's, some from his own foibles - and while they might seem 'cute' or funny at first we all know they could go on and on and on unless we try to squash it which only angers him when he's reminded that he doesn't fit in seamlessly.
We have been getting by on a shoe-string for so long it's a little relief to find a group that doesn't expect us to sign over our first born (who is so probably on the Spectrum as well but won't accept it) as payment.
Plus the fact everyone seems to think kids on the Spectrum grow out of it cos there's fuck all resouces out there for Auties/Aspies beyond the age of 12....or ones that don't want you to sell a kidney to fund, at any rate.
Seriously a happy lil camper right now!

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