Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Theory wins over practice

The spelling, the homework, trying to learn new words, holding the pencil the 'correct' way to write the 'correct' way, how to pronounce words 'correctly'...every little thing was a battle and seen as an attack on his routine.

Changes = BAD with much screaming and hitting and smashing and rampaging through the house.
When I bought a new car he was aged 12 mths and he would scream from the moment he saw it in the driveway until we'd arrived at our destination and he'd been removed from the vile thing.
By the time he was repeating prep at mainstream school the medication was calming him down but there was little or no joy in his school time.
The principal did not want him to repeat, saying my son would certainly be ready for grade 1 and it wouldn't look good on anyone's record.
I insisted that he repeat as removing him from school each lunchtime had achieved nothing except a child who loathed school and found learning to be a direct attack upon his soul. He hated the spelling words, the handwriting home work, the speech pathologist and psychologist gave us techniques which we followed.
We turned everything into a game broken down by time frames with a clock and alarm set so he could be assured he was gaining ground.
Always push with positive reinforcements, like the old 'you catch more flies with honey than with vinegar'.
Sometimes it worked, sometimes it didn't, depending on his day at school.
More time spent debriefing than actual schoolwork.
School policies that decorate paper but not put into practice.

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