Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Yay for an awesome mum and her Boo

My blog friend Kelley shared awesome news just now.
Not that the dickwads at her work passed her over for a position she could do in her sleep (oh, Karma's gonna bite them something savage) but that her Boo is six days post-nappy.
I haven't actually met Kelley - she's wisely chosen to not contact the bajillion scary, creepy weird interwebs people who throw themselves upon her blog - but when I read her news I had to share it immediately with the hubby and my boy.

Both were rapt for Boo and his mum as I often read out Kelley's doings to the other half while my son hops on and reads up on what Boo's been doing, sometimes asking in the middle of uni studies "What's Kelley written today?" cos Kelley is all Teh Awesome.
Far out, Boo is without a nappy!
There was an angel looking over my shoulder the day my own son was at creche and he got the overwhelming urge to copy the other kids - monkey see, monkey do - and park his bot on the pot.
Cheeky bugger quickly got into the routine of being toilet trained at creche but still in nappies at home - we didn't know anything about it until the creche workers asked us to supply them with underpants instead of nappies for him!
Took a couple of more years to get him completely toilet trained outside of creche ...I had visions of him forever detouring to creche to be toileted before going to school, work, etc!
Like I say, there was an angel hanging over our shoulders for that to spontaneously occur for my son at age 4.
And now that angel has finally got herself to peeping over Boo's shoulder.

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