Monday, May 3, 2010

Aspergian Species

'Alone in a Crowded Room' autism documentary was an eye-opener for my son and hubby.
So often while watching the doco they were saying,
"That's just like me! I do that, too!"
Big smiles, slight shock that some quirks weren't just them and the adoption of the title "Aspergian Species".
Tis ok, the Aspergians have opposable thumbs, are a whiz with baked beans and can follow rules impeccably.
Sounds so much nicer than Dalekian of the species as my son had dubbed himself at times.
Made me jump everytime I heard "Exterminate!"
*Another post on ideas this doco has raised to follow soonish.

Madmother has been uber-generous and awarded me the Sunshine Award.
Thank you so much!
I'd like to pause on the red carpet here and address the phalanx of cameras, reporters and taxation accountants to say what a wonderful time I have reading Meaninless Meandering from a Mad Mother, that she deserves a Logie for being such a rock solid real mum and if the Henry Tax Review should bore you to tears then go over and audit a few of her blog posts to get your numerical groove happening again.
That plus she's a great gal to chat to on the phone even if I make her sleep LOL.

Now I must away to organise the homeschooling thing for the Aspie teen who is getting impatient with his mother who waffles.


Madmother said...

You mean, we had such a pleasant conversation that all my cares floated away and I relaxed into a much needed blissful sleep?

Nikki aka Widdle Shamrock said...

I have always loved how when we with the Aspergian husbands got together, how all the lads just seemed to meld together and interact so well.

Birds of a feather and all that.

Ro said...

That's the one, Mm ;)

Those birds certainly flock together quite well, Nikki ;)

Devi said...

Watched it and so got the part where the musical guy was talking about not putting on his social face when he is spending his two or so days creating music.

*grins* So I totally empathise with how your male things were enjoying it!

Love Devs

Mad Bush Farm said...

Well Ro as you know I have it, my youngest has Autism and my other two girlies are affected by ASD as well. I guess we're so used to it it's just oh well another trait and we work on dealing with it. Glad I came from a big family it's done me some huge favours.

Hugs to ya

Ro said...

Cool, Devi :)

That's good to hear, Liz :)