Sunday, May 2, 2010

Autism doco and blather

Reminder to those who requested it that tonight at 10.05pm on ABC1 is "Alone in a Crowded Room" a 1 hour doco on what happens to autistic children when they grow up.
Full synopsis available to read HERE.
Some people - and many govt depts - seem to think autistic kids outgrow their autism, although in my experience that misconception in govt depts does appear to have a direct correlation to budgets and funding.
Sorry, is my cynicism showing again?
Should be an interesting show! 
So, the Aspie teen is off at his first footy match this morning; both he and his dad were up before the crack of dawn, heating up soup for the thermos, buttering rolls and obsessively double, triple, quadruple checking backpacks were packed correctly.
A little song we nurses used to sing..."What's that refrain that goes through my brain? OCD ! OCD!"
Leaving moi to run amok about the house.
The possibilities of what I could get up to...while supervising Dad...are innumerable.. countless.. several.. a few I can count on 1 hand.
Oh, be still my beating heart!
It shall be crochet hooks at 30 paces with yarn flung about with wild abandon.


Lisa said...

hmm, recent correspondences with government departments have learnt me proper. I now know that autism disappears on said child's 16th birthday.
Magically, they no longer need caring for, and become 'independent'.

Enjoy running amok.
Is Aspie teen playing or watching the footy?

Ro said...

Oh, I'd love to have that magic wand they seem to wave over facts and figures, Lisa!
He's playing footy, they rotate the players on and off the field to get 15-20 mins play each.

Lisa said...

It's taken forever (well, 11 months), but I think I have managed to navigate the Centrelink minefield. Nothing has blown up so far, anyway.

Nice finding your blog. There seems to be heaps of people blogging about younger ASD kids. What happens when they hit the teen years? Do their parents go mad, or are they just too exhausted to blog?

Good luck with the footy. My boys tried innumerable NT sports, before finding Jugger ( where they've been feeling quite at home for the past 2 years.

Ro said...

Good to hear you've stayed in one piece after working through that dept, Lisa!
Puberty hits our ASD kids a lot harder than NT, that's for sure.
The team is specifically for disabled players so the pace is easier but I'll have a gander at Jugger :)