Thursday, May 6, 2010

Autism-GFDF diet nixed

So....the news is screamed at me from my inbox;
"Gluten-Autism link doesn't hold up, Review Reveals".
Oh, can't you just hear the gloating from those who think anything that deviates 2 inches from the mainstream medical norm is witchcraft and all supporters should be burned at the stake?
Or shunned with a snooty sniff and lifting of ones nose higher into the air, at the very least.
Let's look at this...
They reviewed studies and found the theory lacking.
They didn't conduct a fail-safe, water-tight, cover-all-bases-and-arses study of their own.
They 'reviewed' all previous ones.
Yep, that's like me 'reviewing' someone's headcolds for the past year - it achieves nothing, offers no new evidence or theories and merely totes up the number of tissues that any roomful of monkeys could arrive at given enough red cordial in their diet.
I go by observation, mother's instinct and commonsense.
My son was found to have no flora in his gut during an extensive study.
He improved on the GF-DF diet.
Now, who's gonna round up these naughty ASD kids who've improved on GF-DF diets and tell 'em to come clean and stop acting all switched on and connected, hmm?


Lisa said...

Not me! Not me!
I've never tried the GF-DF diet, but I've often wished I was brave enough to deal with the screams, tantrums, and general self-inflicted starvation that would go along with attempting to even limit gluten and dairy in this household.

Especially from Curly, the one who has eczma, tendencies to asthma, and eats the white food diet. Sigh.

carriemumof2withasd said...

I know I heard this recently. I mean how stupid can they be? My children (especially my son) have greatly improved on this diet.

How could these childen do this naughty, naughty children lol.


Mistress B said...

You know common sense has no place in scientific investigation! :P lol

Ro said...

It's really hard when they're addicted to those foods, Lisa, don't blame anyone for not trying the diet lol.

LOL Carrie, yep, see what happens when they don't listen to the 'experts'?

LOL Exactly, B ;)