Friday, May 7, 2010

Diets and chocolate are not mutually exclusive

Serendipity was being ladelled out in droves yesterday.
On the bus to a certain large shopping centre (that is so big it has its own atmosphere) I commented to Aspie teen that he may need to start back on the GFDF diet full-time, as he has a few minor health issues which may - or may not - resolve themselves once more on the diet.
We have followed this diet in the past - oh, yes, the screaming is such a cherished memory, bless - and there was a huge improvement in his health, his behaviour, his language/social/motor skills and edyamakashun that I'm happy to leap back on it properly, even if it's just to rule out any environmental factors that are bugging the carp out of him.
We have been more avoiding a lot of gluten in his diet rather than completely excluding it for the past few years.
We trundled through the crowds, snaffled the bits and bobs we were there for then as we were going through the check-out at Aldi I grabbed a copy of their next week's specials catalogue.
There on page 9 it was laid before me in all of Aldi's glory.
Their new "Has No..." food range.
Has No... is free from gluten, dairy and wheat, with some items even free from soy, egg, yeast, GMO and cane sugar while being suitable for vegans/vegetarians.
They have plain and SR flour, pancake mix, gravy, bread mix, (tinned) spaghetti, rice crumbs and, most importantly, They.Are.All.Affordable.
They are only a special item for the week beginning May 13th - I rang and checked this with the head office - so we'll be taking notice of this message from Ceiling Cat/The Universe/ the fairies at the bottom of the garden and will stock up!
Aspie teen was decidedly unimpressed with the whole notion until we got to the crux of the problem - he was worried he'd be unable to have chocolate.
I reassured him there were many, many, MANY more available GFDF food lines since he was last on the diet full-time and there were plenty of chocolate alternatives out there.
Now he's a happy Aspie!


Devi said...

LOL, I so empathise!
The Chocolate Box have a good one, in brown packaging with green, orange and purple spots on the front. And then a good quality rice milk chocolate can be just sooooo nummy. :-)
Life is not completely dreary on a wheat/dairy/nut free diet.
Devs xx

Madmother said...

Just jumping on to tell you I'll call tomorrow eve if that's okay? Been at MD stall at school all day and cannot string another word to another. Can't even type so tired.

Good news on food range front too!

Ro said...

Thanks, Devi!!!
So long as he's got his chocolate all's right with the world lol.

No probs, MM, get some rest you need it :)