Saturday, May 15, 2010

Dick da Turd aka Richard III

Poor old Tricky Dicky, Bosworth Field Mark I.0
Aspie teen has been fascinated with this character from Shakespeare for years.
I say character as it is only loosely based on the real Richard III who was much maligned and had many porkies told about him.
He was just a misunderstood chap who wasn't as ugly or misshapen as Henry VII would have us believe - perhaps Aspie teen relates to Dick da Turd (or as my father refers to him "Dick the Shyte") as he's had his behaviour and character misconstrued and twisted?
During the week pay TV aired Al Pacino's semi-doco/play "Looking for Richard" which is a fab movie for anyone studying Richard III or even someone new to Shakespeare to watch or particularly for someone on the Spectrum; Pacino interviews fellow actors and the average man on the street as to the meaning of the Bard's words, the strength of their influence, what these plays mean in today's context, etc.
Explanations of parts of the speeches are given throughout, basically converting the flowery speech patterns into everyday English and laying out the methods behind the plots - again, perfect for anyone on the Spectrum, giving them a rough blueprint of other people's motivations and reasons for decisions, actions, events, etc, as it can relate to any position.
The Melbourne Theatre Company has a production of Richard III currently running; set in the White House it shows how Shakespeare's observations of the lust for power and the corruption of and by power is timeless and universal.
Aspie teen and hubby have tickets to see Richard III tonight.
Guess who wouldn't give up his ticket even if he were offered a kingdom for them?!

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How did they enjoy Tricky Dicky?