Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Catch up

Well, the teen of the household has spent the better part of the past 2 days hiding out in the bedrooms as the house was being rewired.
No outbursts, only a tiny bit of aggro and the over-whelming need to hide away from the 3 sparkies.
He was so shy, much more than usual,  and happily pottered with his text books, ABC radio and archaeology mags in the bedroom safe in the knowledge they'd finished those rooms yesterday.
Tomorrow we claw our way from under our blankies at the disgusting hour of 4.45am to traipse off to Bendigo for the day; a combination of itchy feet, the McCubbin exhibition and the need to get some fresh country air to blow away the cobwebs of blah that have taken up residence of late.
Blah cobwebs are grey and drain everything of colour and life.
I've faithfully looked up the op shops in Bendigo and am going to print out a map for him to navigate us about the place (which could be interesting - if I'm not back in Melbourne by 6pm release the hounds!).


fiona said...

oh oh oh......I wish I was coming with you!
Op-shopping is my absolute favourite thing in the whole world to do!
Hope you have a great break away. Even if you do have to get up at a disgusting hour like 4:45am! Eeeewww

Anonymous said...

Hope you had a great time and Aspie Teen enjoyed his day out.

Devi said...

It's a wonderful feeling to have your house full of nice, new, safe wiring. I used to wake in the night and worry about ours.
Op shop tours! *giggles* Love it!