Saturday, June 5, 2010

We WILL win, dammit

Aspie teen has stalled, academically, but I refuse to let it frazzle me.
The specialists who are supposed to be sorting out assessments are speaking a mixture of Swahili, Latin and Gibberish apparently, but I refuse to let it frazzle me.
My Dad is becoming more of a child but I refuse to let it frazzle me.
Well, nothing's going to frazzle me today, at least.
Things are so over-whelming but I cannot afford to get swamped cos my boy needs me to be functional, plastering a great grin on my dial, boosting his self-confidence and reassuring him that this, too, will pass.
My mantra has become "Let's get through this next hour in one piece" and, viola! We get to the end of the day without having the armed forces knocking on our door.
This is always a bonus.
Now, I'm off to channel surf pay TV, rugged up on the couch with my boy with his bug (virus) with hot chocolate and the odour of Vick's Vapour Rub and Deep Heat burning nostril hairs at 30 paces.
The First Straw by 311.


Lisa said...

Remember to remember that Aspie teen is way ahead academically, and has plenty enough time in life to deal with university.

Anonymous said...

Hugs. We are having stalling issues too. But we can still rebuild the car engine and make a wind tunnel with solar energy out of 2 sticks and duct tape. But homework or assignments? Pffftttttttttttttttt no........

Ro said...

True, Lisa :)

Gawd, Rhu, MacGyver lives!