Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Derrrrr Fred

Studies have proven what we've all suspected for years - that Autism is genetic.
Hmm, let's do the math, as Sheldon would suggest.
Aspie teen is on the Spectrum.
Hubby is on the Spectrum.
Hubby's father has several learning disorders which would place him under the PDD umbrella, too.
Hubby's family has a large number of members diagnosed on the Spectrum, a couple of whom are 'slow' (nicer word than retarded*).
Several of hubby's other cousins have such rare genetic disorders that I dare not identify the disorders as they need only to search them by name and they'll arrive here (and I don't have permission to discuss them).
So....yeah, ya reckon genetic mutation might possibly have some kinda influence on these things, Sherlock? lol

*I apologise if the use of the word 'slow' in this context offends anyone, I simply find it more acceptable than 'mentally retarded'.
To me using the word 'slow' implies the person is just taking the world at an easier pace than the rest of us ratbags, whereas 'mentally retarded' brands the person as less than equal as everyone else.


Madmother said...

Powering today girl!

Yeah, we have it too. Of course in Big Boy's family, not mine... NOOOOOO.

(Okay, so his OCD traits maybe a little like me, oh and his stimming - I used to cast *spells* when little, oh, and... now hang on a minute, let's drop this, m'kay?)

Fiona said...

You are on a roll Ro.
Couldn't agree more!