Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Camping on the Spectrum...cos the Caravan of Communication was full.

Was going to waffle all things lyrical about camping on the Autistic Spectrum - but thought better of it.
Was kinda distracted by the lack of communication between several specialists my son sees.
Kinda amusing.
Communication being what they're expected to facilitate, enhance, encourage, inspire, urge, prod, egg on ...hands up who's had enough of the thesaurus? those on the Spectrum.
Yet basic, clear, concise and succinct confabulations apparently not only go around in circles but North to Santa's house via the Tooth Fairy's lair, swinging by Goldilock's bear trio and within spitting distance of Jack's beanstalk before making their way to the point of the discussion at hand.
Yeah, I've just realised I was wrong.
Camping on the Spectrum would have been much more fulfilling to discuss!
If I could just find my map of the North Pole...


Andrew said...

Remember Red Symon's tale of his son and their issues with RMH. Lack of communication.

Ro said...

The memory of that story still leaves me horrified, Andrew, and the fact it happened not once but twice.

Fiona said...

Spot on Ro!