Friday, July 23, 2010

Buckwheat stuffed Capsicums Gluten, dairy free frugal recipe

Grab yourself some whole capsicums (peppers for my Northern Hemisphere readers).
A local greengrocer flogs packets of 3 and 4 off for $1 or $1.20 as they might have a tiny blemish on their skin which is easily removed before cooking.
Slice the top off, gut them and clean 'em up a little as needs be.
*Keep the tops, remove the stalk and finely chop remaining capsicum. Toss into a freezer bag what you don't use in this recipe and you've got some ready frozen bits for your next casserole, filling, rice dish, etc.
Now, buckwheat is a gluten free grain that can replace cous cous, barley or rice, swells up larger than rice when completely cooked (less needed when adjusting recipes) adds a great flavour and texture to meals.
In this recipe I soaked 1/2 cup of buckwheat in a pot of boiling water with chicken stock.
Turn off the flame and let the buckwheat sit in the water to absorb it and to think about where it's headed in life.
Straight to my stomach, hmmmm.
Throw some finely chopped spring onions, mushrooms, carrots and whatever you've got in the fridge into a pot, saute and let sit with a lid on, off the flame, for a bit.
When the buckwheat has finished swelling up, add to the vegie and/or meat mix saving a little of the stock to add.
Mix, spoon into capsicums and bake in a greased casserole dish for approx. 20 mins.
Sprinkle grated cheese/Tofu cheese on top and/or breadcrumbs to taste.
Serve on their own or as part of a meal.

*I'm off in the wilds so I'll catch up on everyone's blogs come Monday morning.
Have a great weekend!

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