Saturday, July 24, 2010

Gluten Dairy free Frugal Eggy Ring leftovers

In the last recipe I yakked about using buckwheat to replace rice, etc, and here I've used leftover buckwheat mixture although you could easily use leftover rice or cous cous.
Grab your leftovers, toss into a bowl and mix in a fresh egg, stir to thoroughly combine.
Get your egg rings (or whatever shape you use) and spoon the leftover eggy mix into the egg rings.
Put the lid on the pan to speed up the cooking of the top section, lower the flame and wait a few minutes.
These easily come out of the egg rings and are great both on their own as a light meal/snack or as part of a full meal.


Anonymous said...

Loving the new look blogs, btw. x

River said...

I do a similar thing with leftover veggies. If there's mashed potato involved, I make veggie pattiesand fry them; if not, I bake the eggy leftovers in a greased 12 cup muffin pan, like mini frittatas.