Thursday, July 1, 2010


So many parents of ASD kids are choosing to homeschool these days it's becoming more mainstream than mainstream school itself!
I suppose what we do at home here at the moment could be considered 'unschooling' (explanation HERE) as we see which way Aspie teen is headed, behaviour-wise, for the day.
Some days constant history or science programmes on the tv are enough, particularly when he's having an off day.
Other days he can romp through books completing 2 pages of exercises on each subject.
Our homeschooling excursions each week are a highlight for a visual learner as he can make connections between what he reads/learns about and then sees it for himself.
I've been slowly introducing little extras on each excursion - navigating via GPS then reading a map, working through the list of op shops, even wearing a watch and being the time keeper for the train home.


Devi said...

*hugs* Ro, your awesome flexibility is making the best of each opportunity for learning and fun for you and your boy.
Devs Xx

@jencull (jen) said...

I really admire anyone who does homeschooling, it seems like such a daunting undertaking looking at it from the outside. Believe it or not, afaik, that is not an option in Ireland. All children HAVE to go to school at the latest by age 6 or the parents are prosecuted!! Maybe there is some provision for SN children that I haven't heard of though! Jen

Lisa said...

Not just Ireland. Up here in the north of Australia, the guv'mint make it soooo difficult to (legally) homeschool. Submit a full curriculum, have a qualified teacher sign up as a 'supervisor', etc, etc. Or, you can tell the school that you're moving house, and conveniently 'forget' to enroll the child in another school, and hope they don't follow up too hard. Sigh.

Anyhow, Dreamer is legally able to leave school now, any old time he wants.

Mrs. C said...

That's awful! We homeschool because my son was abused in public school! I couldn't imagine being forced to send him back day after day!!

Hs-ing doesn't have to be for everyone, but we should all fight for the rights of parents to do what is best for their children.