Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Have had an interesting day with the kid and spouse.
Both are off doin' their manly man thing of footy training after orthodontist and illustration sessions.
The teeth and the drawing were separate, by the way.
I have me a stalker copycat that borrows behaviours, events and incidents from my life to dramatise its own life. And not just my life but other friends' lives, too.
Aspie teen was outraged at first to hear the hassles he's been struggling with have become fodder for someone else to garner sympathy but he's 'meh' about it now.
He's now off yeast as we've discovered the revolting flatulence was from yeast in bread, even GFDF bread, so the list is growing.
He was proven to be allergic to it when he was little but it was thought he'd outgrow it.
Guess he didn't.
I'm having a horrible thought that he may still have an intolerance to bananas *sob* after mastering the GFDF banana bread muffins of late.
Let's not go there, just yet.
Thank goodness for allergists and paediatricians and specialists who listen and follow through!


Anonymous said...

Oh no!
A stalker! *gasp*
That's terrible!
And yeah....the yeast thing, I can't have it either, so I sympathise greatly! Country life makes a GF and YF bread but I think it has milk powder in it.....not sure.
But you are already a legend at adding soda water instead of yeast into recipes but you'll have to find a substitute fruit for the banana muffins .....

@jencull (jen) said...

The banana muffins sound very yum! Shame if he is allergic to them. There must be another fruit with the same consistency but my brain is letting me down at the moment! Jen

Jayne said...
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DQ said...

Having a stalker must be weird and annoying, I hope they give up and get their own life asap!
With my thinking hat on, as I eat my gluten free, dairy free cinnamon apple porridge to fuel my brain, I am thinking some mashed stewed apple might be a good substitute for the bananas in the (very yummy sounding, I must try them) muffin bread recipe. That is if your young man can eat them.

Ro said...

The creepy stalker's been reinventing itself with other peoples lives for awhile now, so it isn't likely to give up soon *blah*.

I had a go with peaches, they turned out really well :)
Will give the stewed apples a go, too, thanks for the ideas :)