Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Those inner diaries and hidden schedules

He's so full of energy and plans that sometimes he doesn't quite see the need for communication with those outside his own little world.
Today, for instance, he knew he had text book work to do but he went off to make an electromagnet.
No matter what he said, what we said or did, he couldn't concentrate or focus until he'd nutted out the materials he needed, where to find them in the shed, what he needed to buy and how long he'd need to make it.
No particular reason why he wanted to make one.
He just did.
So, after eventually talking through it with me he's agreed to get on with his book work until his father gets home and he can go shopping at the hardware store tomorrow for the bits that he's missing.
After the orthodontist appointment and maybe before the illustration session and well before he heads off to footy training.
We'll have to consult his inner diary just to make sure, though!


Maddy said...

So productive though, and driven - we're familiar with the 'driven' not so much the 'productive,' or maybe that's just me :)

Lisa said...

But Ro, we are supposed to KNOW EVERYTHING, including what's in the inner diary, which is why we get the incredulous scathing looks when we have the temerity to ask out loud what they are doing/planning.

Ro said...

I've had to start directing him with the 'productive' part, Maddy, as he's off the air most days lol.

Oh, YES, Lisa!!
You've got it in a nutshell!