Thursday, August 5, 2010

Heads are fragile things

18 months ago my darling Aspie and I were visiting at a friend's house where there are 2 large trampolines.
But no safety mesh.
Can you see where this is going?
The kids were all outside with an adult in the garage eyeballing them.
The kids were loud, it was summer and they were mainly boys.
Next thing we knew they'd come in and Aspie teen was the colour of ivory, complaining of a headache and snappy.
And then he vomited.
Thinking it might be gastro I sat with him out on the porch, cool water and a bucket while I asked for symptoms.
Another boy came out and, with a worried look on his face, wondered if it might have had something to do with Aspie teen hitting his head on the ground after he was pushed off the trampoline and "we thought he was pretending to be asleep for a long time".
Unconsciousness and concussion.
Took him home, then to hospital, then back to hospital for CT scans, then further observations at the hospital, more follow up appointments with doctors who all said everything was clear.
Since then he's become aggressive and we're back to having these meltdowns, something we hadn't had on this scale for quite some time.
I have told everyone; it may be a coincidence or it may not but his behaviour, manner, attitude, temperament and personality had a shift that day after the head injury.
Finally, after hearing our latest battle via the phone someone is starting to listen and take notice.
Not holding my breath.


Donna said...

*fingers crossed* someone listens to you soon ...

Sorry to hear that he had such a nasty fall off the tramp though ... :(

((HUGS)) to you ...

Devi said...

Poor Fella. :-(
Things like that can leave you feeling so out of whack.
Which leads to ... *hugs* for Ro.
Have you tried Chiro? In case it put his neck out?
Love Devs

Madmother said...

I second Devi, but we use an Osteopath.

JahTeh said...

This is why mothers should keep an incident diary as opposed to accident diary. But you could be right, any fall and unconsciousness can come back to bite months later.
Look at footballers, it's the only explanation of their being total idiots.
That does not apply to the lovely D.

Cheryl D. said...

So sorry! I hope they find the cause!

River said...

Hope things resolve with or without help so there are no more meltdowns.

Mrs. C said...


So sorry!

Mary Paddock said...

Oh Geez! That would worry me too. I do hope someone will do another exam.