Friday, August 6, 2010

Welcome to Groundhog Day

Another day, another series of (minor)  verbal meltdowns (lasting approx.10 mins) before, during and after brekkie.
Almost every day we have the same result with the same requests, no matter how we ask, structure it, phrase it, whatever.
Aspie teen directed to make his brekkie.
Point to breakfast schedule on fridge.
Meltdown. We will not play at slaves and make it for him. Tsk tsk.
Medications are in the dosette box.
Dosette box gets put in Aspie teen's hand with clear instructions to take his medicine.
He puts it on the table.
We are distracted by trying to get our own brekkie and my Dad sorted.
Dosette box still on table.
Aspie teen reminded to take meds.
Meltdown. We nag too much. Tsk tsk.
Have a shower.
Medicine still in dosette box on table.
Remind Aspie teen again.
Go off to get shoes on.
Medicine has moved to glass of water on windowsill.
Ask Aspie teen to have a shower.
Meltdown. We didn't give him enough warning. Tsk tsk.
Remind him he hasn't showered for about a week.
Firmly inform him, while he's grunting and becoming aggressive that today's outing will be cancelled if he continues to fight about a shower.
Remind him to wash his hair, to use shampoo and soap.
Point to schedule pinned to back of bathroom door.
Medicine still in glass on windowsill.
Almost 15 mins later shower is turned on.
Ask him to hurry up.
Meltdown. We nag too much. Tsk, tsk.
Almost 30 mins later remind him to turn water off and get out.
After he's dressed we remind him to put on deodorant.
Ask if he used shampoo, "No".
Soap? "No, I forgot".
Brushed your teeth? "Not yet!" snappy.
Remind him to have medicine.
"In a minute,"  grunting begins.
Frog march him into kitchen and stand over him while he swallows medicine.
Medicine actually down his gullet.
Send him to bathroom to clean teeth.
Later on train platform, waiting for train, ask him to tuck his shirt in.
"This is a punishment for before, isn't it?" he asks with gritted teeth.
"No, this is about you learning to pay some attention to your appearance."
See braces.
Half a bowl of cornflakes seem to be stuck in them.
"Did you clean your teeth when we asked?"
"No, I forgot."
What was he doing in the bathroom?
"I dunno, leave me alone, I can't remember everything!"
No, of course you can't.
That's what your mother is for, apparently....


Jen said...

I could have written this about my 6 year old! Exactly the same groundhog days are had here.

JahTeh said...

Suddenly the worms turns and you can't get him out of the bathroom for hours and mine wasn't aspie.
Also stupid of me to introduce him to very expensive aftershave.

fi said...

Oh Ro, I feel for you!

River said...

Clearly the half bowl of cornflakes in his braces are for his mid morning snack.

@jencull (jen) said...

I have an 8 year old who does all of that, now I am very nervous about his teens :) Jen

Amy said...

*whimper* I think I just glimpsed my future.... in varying degrees for both my sons.

I hope today is different, better, even :)

Dollfinn! said...

Sounds like a typical day at home for me too.

"This is a punishment for before, isnt it??" - am sure you must have been talking to my son, I get to hear those words lots!