Friday, August 13, 2010

Olfactory survey inside my four walls

Last year I was given a giftbox of a skin cream and a bottle of perfume that carries the name of a well-known supermodel.
I've been using the skin cream and thought it was pretty good, so this morning I tried out the perfume.
The canine fur-baby thought I was the bees knees, Au de Butcher's Toilette Spray couldn't have attracted her more!
She climbed all over me, sniff-sniff-sniffing loudly, tail going like the clappers, you'd have thought I'd been dragged through a patch of roadkill or had been swimming through the offal at the abattoirs.
I managed to separate her from myself and, later, trotted off to wake Aspie teen where I was told,
"Give me a hug,"
"You smell funny. A nice funny smell"
Yup, dogs and Aspies are in full agreement and can recommend the perfume!


Anonymous said...

LOL that is so funny Ro love, love, LOVE it

My *cough Aspie cough* husband sniffs EVERY thing and so do the 2 Aspie kids so I know what this is like :)

You made me laugh so hard.

CaRRiE :)

Mrs. C said...

Yuuup. I am teaching an older kid not to "nuzzle" near the boobs like a puppy, too. Good grief. He keeps forgetting. Arg.

River said...

Ha Ha. "you smell nice funny."

Made me laugh that did.