Thursday, August 12, 2010

Social networking skills

Aspie teen had lost interest in Facebook for ages until he learned that almost all of his team mates were on it.
Now, he's scooting through his schoolwork and has swapped his 30 mins Nintendo DS playtime for Facebook and chatting.
Plus, he's rediscovered the fact some of his 'friends' on FB are, in fact, relatives, which he'd managed to completely forget!
Now, if they were footy players or a dinosaur they'd stick in his mind forever *snort*.

Thanks for your kind comments on my previous entry, they are appreciated.
We would have liked to have not applied for hubby's records but as the family was unreliable for medical information and our son was starting to have many extensive tests due to his Autism/Asperger's, we wanted to learn what we could from reliable, impartial sources.


Anonymous said...

Well, If I were family I would want to be Auntie T Rex :) tee hee...


Cheryl D. said...

When I went to hear Temple Grandin speak, she said that Aspies do very well with social online networking.

Mary Paddock said...

Daniel really loves facebook and spends a fair chunk of his computer time there. He'll talk to people online that he barely speaks to in person.

Mrs. C said...

Patrick REFUSES to even get an account and I've pestered him several times. I was hoping to exchange YoVille gifts and decorate together. :(