Monday, August 9, 2010

Wiggling the happy dance on the quiet

Dragged the Aspie offspring off to the paed this morning, he was a tad unwilling as he thought he was going to be in trouble so he impersonated a limpet and wrapped himself around his fathers ankles.
Yeah, his dad thought it was just dandy.
It's not like his paed is ever angry with anything Aspie kiddo says/does so we peeled him off his fathers legs and got him to the appointment.
Got several things sorted along with the importance of taking his medications every day without the barriers/excuses/waffle he keeps throwing into conversation (which result in meltdowns, big and little) when he's asked to take his meds.
Excuse me while I do a small happy dance over in the corner without the offspring noticing his weird mother too much.
*wiggle it, just a little bit*
So, tomorrow should be hunky dory.
In theory.
Let's see how sturdy theory really is *snort*.


Amy said...

I like your snort, I relate strongly to snorting under these circumstances. I certainly hope the instructions for taking meds makes a huge difference. I think a quiet little happy dance is the best celebration!

Ro said...

Thanks, Amy :)
We gotta grab those happy dance moments when we can!