Tuesday, September 21, 2010

at·tri·tion ...A gradual diminution in number or strength because of constant stress.

I'm exhausted.
We had a fabulous time away in Dunolly; went for a bushwalk, et some magical vanilla slices, tried the Aussie pizza at the fush 'n' chup shop (very nom-worthy) watched Midsomer Murders then slept like logs.
Had a lovely history tour with the local historical society, got to see some items pointed out to us that several locals admitted they'd sailed past many times without knowing the significance.
Also saw some lonely unknown/forgotten graves in the bush.
Really brought home how insignificant we are.
Then, Aspie teen slept the whole way home and promptly had a massive meltdown in which he smashed a few more holes in the plaster, his door and then wrapped an aluminum mop handle around his father's head.
We called the police.
We got, again, two wonderful cops who were just lovely; these gals have been out here before and spoke to him and got him to see that exploding like this is really unacceptable.
We chatted for a bit afterwards, they're happy for us to call them to calm him down.
Aspie teen apologised then explained he was feeling 'funny' about walking into the bathroom, that he thought he would be physically sick if he walked in there.
We asked him why he couldn't tell us that without launching his attack on the house and his Dad but he just didn't know.
He screamed in his sleep quite a bit last night, swearing and arguing with someone who was giving The Land of Nod a run for its money, and is sound asleep again on the couch after almost falling headfirst into his cornflakes.
And still we wait for help and answers....


Anonymous said...

That must get scary for you all at times.

You are amazing,


Cheryl D. said...

I can't even imagine! I only had to deal with one horrific tantrum that made me write the Inner Demons post over the summer. My normally sweet daughter had a meltdown in the car and started throwing anything she could get her hands on at me, including large books a water bottle, etc. She didn't even care if we got in a car accident at that moment. She wanted a smoothie that I said no to and she was doing whatever she could to get her way. Thank goodness she hasn't exploded like that since! I can't imagine what it's like to live with a ticking time bomb on a regular basis.

I'm so sorry your wonderful weekend ended so badly!

LceeL said...

When our son was diagnosed as an Aspie, like many other kids who are Aspies, he was found to have multiple components to his 'issues'. Among them - ADD and CAD - Childhood Anxiety Disorder. There was a minimal dosage med we were given for him - it didn't do anything other than help him manage his anxiety - but it made a world of difference in him. My memory is short, at the moment, but by tomorrow morning I'll know what that med was and I'll advise.

Lulu said...

Oh no. Cyclone is only 6 and having monumental meltdowns. I have been on the phone to the mental health service multiple times in the last two weeks and ended up screaming at them today that they could stick their waiting lists and they better fricking do something before someone around here loses an eye.....

hang in there xoxoxo

River said...

Oh dear. Is it possible something in the pizza set him off?

Or maybe the excitement of the trip and being good (holding it all in) led to him letting it loose then not being able to control it.

I'm not on the spectrum myself, but when I was 5 apparently I was an angel at school and a monster at home for mum, the teacher said it must be a release after holding it in all day.