Sunday, December 26, 2010

Another year down, only 40 bajillion to go

In looking back over 2010 I'm struck by a few things.
That a few in-law rellies, who previously laughed shrugged off Aspie teen's Autism and Aspergers were forced to confront it a little closer to home in their own beloved grandchildren.
But when they shared the diagnosis with me I unintentionally gave them the cold shoulder they'd given me.
Because I was/am exhausted.
I admire those who have been on this journey for years, decades, and still find the energy to help, educate, assist others who are new to this road we all walk.
But as I've been forced to rely on no one else but myself and the Spouse I've had to direct my energy towards my own son and this is where I'm at, tired and unable to summon up much more than sympathetic noises for the rellies.
They probably think I'm a rude cow but, meh, I cannot give them what I do not have.
I bought a monthly magazine which had a tea towel with the classic slogan "Keep calm and carry on".

It's pinned up on my kitchen wall as my new motto, a reminder to not get upset, to not react, to stay burbling under the surface and appear heavily sedated serene to all.
Now that we finally have assistance with Aspie teen I'm able to relax a little and not be hypervigilant because, at long last, someone is listening.
It is such a huge weight off my shoulders, I feel I can keep calm and carry on into the New Year!
Although....if I seem too sedated just nudge me with your foot, 'k?

As we launch ourselves towards 2011, I wish each and every one of you lovely people the very best that the future has to offer and as few bumps in the road towards your goals.


Anonymous said...

Oh Ro,
I'm so pleased that you have got some much needed assistance and a new motto!
Here's hoping that you are able to regain some of your energy that's been stolen from you and you get some much needed rest and relaxation!

Fen said...

The new store Typo has those keep calm things in big wall hangings. There was one about tea that I thought about getting.
Merry Christmas lovely xo

Kelley @ magnetoboldtoo said...

I want one that says 'Keep Calm via Valium'

Totally understand the exhaustion. I get to the point now when someone I barely know approaches me and asks me to help them with their newly diagnosed son/nephew/whatthefuckever I actually sigh.

Cause THEY are always the ones that thought Boo was a result of my parenting abilities...

Love you sweetie, and heres to a freaking AWESOME 2011.

Anonymous said...

Stuff em I say! why should you extened a helping hand when all you received was ignorance? you have enough to deal with dont let them get to you. You take your time and get your self and your boy taken care off. Heaps og hugs and much love CaRRiE xxxx

Ro said...

Thanks, Fi, :)

Hope you had a great time, too, Fen xx

I just love the way they blame mothers for a DETAILED medical condition, Kelley!
Wish I could sigh like you lol.

Thanks, Carrie xxx

River said...

*nudge, nudge*

I think you're doing it right. Let them learn the way you had to...