Wednesday, January 5, 2011

2nd floor autism, bras, bills and footy boots

Today I'm going to talk about....bras.
I can see all male readers will be hitting the red X...after having turned green about the gills.
Aspie teen, himself, would be squealing with horror if he knew I was mentioning....bras.
When you get blessed with a kid with 'quirks' these quirks come with a hefty price tag, at times.
To the point where an awful lot of things get put on the 'unimportant' list and you learn to do without.
Last night I vaguely entertained the idea of going to the Aussie Bloggers Conference until I remembered the neurologist's appointment later this month which we have to pay for and then scaring up an adolescent  psychiatrist.
Which also hits the hip pocket if we have to go private to actually see someone before the next millennium.
When I find one that fits, is comfortable enough not to cut off my lung capacity nor draw blood from chafing, then I kinda fall in love.
Remember, I've been indulging in the comfort food so I'm not exactly a tiny slip of a thing that can get away with a pair of hankies and some shoe laces; at the moment there's a division between the 14GG or the 16DD bras, some of the latter which gives me a bust like Sabrina (except not the wasp-like waist. Who do I sacrifice for that?!).
Now, I've either lost a shedload of weight up top or I've over-stretched the back strap on my favourite 16 DD as I'm down to the last hook-and-eye set and shifting the shoulder straps.
It's days are numbered.
I'll have to slot a new bra somewhere in between medical, medicine, footy fees, utility bills and the dreaded possibility of new footy boots for this year *shudder*.
Size 13 - 14 footy boots and 14GG - 16DD bras...big aint always best!


Anonymous said...

Yep, I know that feeling. And.. the last time I went to buy myself some bras, just prior to Christmas, I ended up purchasing the kids' much needed new socks and Undies.. so I missed out again. Lucky for sports bras lasting a long time!

Cheryl D. said...

It's so hard to find a comfortable one that gives good support! It's even harder to find one that's pretty! Sigh!

Mary Paddock said...

These days I could care less about pretty. I dream of affording one that fits properly in all proportions.

Wanderlust said...

Bras are NOT cheap. And the fitting. Ugh. I found one that fits and keep ordering it online!

River said...

Why not find a bra that fits well, then layby two or three of them? Pay off weekly or fortnightly, so you don't notice it quite so much. Ditto the footy boots.
I'll be doing the same when I go bra shopping next Friday.
I ignore pretty and go for sports bras. Good support and I can walk and work without jiggling.

Fen said...

I HATE buying bras. Ugh. Though I do wish I could find one like my fave black bra I've had for years, it's a plain bra but it fits so very well. *sigh*

Fitness Freak said...

One should look for a bra which supports the breasts fully, and also the fit should be comfortable enough for normal breathing.