Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Groundhog Day/time loop...shoving shyte uphill like Sisyphus

Sorry, Sisyphus only shoved a great thunderingly huge rock, not shyte.
Bet he wished he shoved shyte, instead.
I digress...
I get to experience a time loop each.and.every.single.fecking.day.
Think of it as Groundhog Day, repeating the same shyte over and over and over and over ad infinitum.
Until you finally correct your mistake (Groundhog Day film) and then time advances forward in a normal fashion once more.
Or, if you're lucky enough to be me, it doesn't.
You're stuck with the same thing happening over and over and over and over again ad infinitum.
Or until I drop dead.
That's if I'm allowed to die.
Could turn out to be one of those computer games where the damn characters get a bazillion lives to be smooshed, mauled, crashed and splattered any which way you can imagine.
So, do I try to change things to prevent the repetition? (I'm asked by well-meaning-but-brain-dead-people who don't know the difference between your/you're and smell of cod liver oil).
Why, golly gosh, that had never crossed my mind at all.*rolls eyes*
Yes, sarcasm, it's often wasted on these people as they don't recognise it unless they're slapped in the face with a wet fish and even then some are iffy.
Have I tried asking the Aspie teen what causes his fury? (Again, the imagaination of these twits knows many boundaries). *more wild eye rolling*
Have we tried medication/diet/exercise/running away to a circus?
No, although we pursued many meals of wild thistles sprinkled with imported free range slugs raised solely on organic strawberries and gooseberries whilst washing it down with jellied eels, sauteed worms then licking the back of a cane toad for recreational purposes.
And that was just for my father.
So, the time loop/Groundhog Day goes on....every day of 2011 so far.
I'm determined to find something decent in this year (typed through gritted teeth) even if I have to choke the living shyte out of this fecking 12 months and kick it to the kerb when it's replacement shows up in 361 days.

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Myst_72 said...

I think you're doing a brilliant job.

I have a very cheeky 'thing' dancing around in my head re: diet and percentages etc but I had better not say it...out loud...

I hope, I really do that there are many 'something decents' this year for you guys ♥