Friday, February 18, 2011

....The grass is as high as an elephant's's the humidity....?

Well, we're alive, which can only be a positive, hey?

The feral Aspie teen has chosen to name his voices The Unholy Chorus (like a former patient of mine did) - he couldn't think of anything himself and I suggested it might help him learn to pick differences between his beloved parents nagging at talking to him and The Unholy Chorus calling him names (see? BIG difference to you and I, him not so much). NFI if it'll work but it's worth a try to at least get him knowing that they are from different sources.

The grass is growing like mad (hiding the dog's 'land mines', curses!) what with all the torrential downpours and Darwin humidity that's shifted south.
The same humidity 'they' can't seem to stop comparing with all places north of the Equator on a daily basis as well as claiming 'they' have proof these wild weather patterns are caused by climate change.
Thanks for that.
We'd have never noticed on our own.
*rolls eyes* 
Have been living on my Garden Salad Pizzas, which I'll blog the recipe for in another post; perfect for hot summer days, doesn't heat up the house, and super yum.
We have a lone frog croaking in our backyard.
*Not so drool-worthy but cute*
South-east Melbourne suburb and we've got a mature tadpole that took a wrong turn somewhere.
This may or may not have been assisted by the inflatable wading pool that his been left out since last being graced by the flood-causing lardy butt.
And the squillion of mozzies.
And the humidity.
Along with the little drop tail lizards, ginormous caterpillers, a bajillion Rainbow Lorikeets, the odd Grass Parrot, swarms of Praying Mantis' (who seem to have an unhealthy fascination with Hubby *snort*), monstrously huge spiders who think they can scare us feeble humans with a glance (I, for one, won't disabuse them of this notion!) , squadrons of Dragon Flies zipping about madly at dusk as they gobble the damn mozzies, native bees who refuse to be herded into anything resembling a honey-producing box, humidity making everything including my delectable 12 seed bread go mouldy as fast as A Certain Spin Bowler can sms,  a mango seed that has roots/stems/leaves and looks set to take over the world while it's mates the avocado seeds are sending out scout parties to check for intelligent life forms.
They'll be gone a looooong time....
So, how's the humidity serenity...?


widdleshamrockswritings said...

Have been thinking of you chookie and hope the Feral Teen will be able to differentiate between you and the Unholy Chorus.

River said...

Wow, your garden sounds so very productive! I'm a little jealous, but you can keep your mozzies thankyouverymuch.
I like the idea of The Unholy Chorus, I hope it helps.

Tassiegal said...

What sort of native bees do you have? If they are a certain type you apparently have buckleys of getting them into a native bee hive.