Tuesday, February 22, 2011

I'd rather he was in the chook house than up the tree

 I'd rather he was in the chook house than up the tree
Yes, I really did utter that statement to Hubby last Saturday.
We looked at each other and snorted  as we realised how bizarre it would sound to most people.
Well, he did the eye rolling/head shaking thing while I snorted enough for both of us.
Cos our son was in the chook house hiding from the police.
As you do.

The chooks were a tad put out but I'm sure, given time, they would have learnt to share the space.
That's if the Aspie child hadn't tried to convince them to stand in front of him and hide him...Trinian and Latte apparently didn't get the memo on team playing and supporting the hand that feeds you so they galloped out of there, leaving him under the eyes of two lovely police people.

Then we did the usual merry-go-round dance of going to the children's via ambulance where more wonderful people bent over backwards to help.
Scary thing is we're starting to recognise the doctors and nurses who are starting to recognise us.
Next thing you know we'll be exchanging Chrissy pressies, inviting each other over for BBQs, calling each other BFF and swapping clothes....
No, wait!
I'd marry the gal who shared my shoe size only for the fact I'd never have to tackle the sales assistant for the Very.Last.Ever ladies size in Omgyourfeetarehumongouslady!
But, I digress...

So, after a gazillion appointments this week with a squillion more to come before TGI Friday kicks in, Aspie offspring is on new meds which appear to be helping (and, judging by his improved lap times, are probably a banned sports enhacing substance but, shhhh, we won't mention it to the swim coach).
Had a MILD moment this afternoon where he simply ran outside.
So I left him to it (after ascertaining he wasn't going to do anything silly).
Then we heard noises so we checked.
He was cleaning the spouting on the shed.
He keeps this up I'll hire him out...


Myst_72 said...

Fingers crossed for continued success with the new meds :)


Madmother said...

Came in to post comment earlier then became entangled in the "get ready for school" fiasco.

Nothing wrong with a good chook hidey attempt. Tell D that he is in good company. I was discovered in chook house after search party dispatched when young. A hint: go to roost midst chickens - they do not look at perches so closely; another hint: do not fall asleep in said position. Can be dangerous to person parts.

Glad the meds seem to be helping.

Cheryl D. said...

I hope the improvement lasts! You SO deserve it!

River said...

He's cleaning the spouting?
Maybe you should be stocking up on those meds.

Devi said...

I hope the meds do wonders and the chooks improve their social skills.

Romina Garcia said...

I think there comes a time where we'd all like to take refuge with the chickens.
Hope the meds do their thing and you can get some peace of mind xx
Following you now with GFC.
You can find me over at: