Thursday, March 24, 2011

Digging diligently at Dunolly....

.... is my Aspie teen's idea of heaven.
Dunolly has this magical ability to settle a cloak of calmness all about Aspie teen's shoulders the moment we step off the bus into the main street Broadway.
Unfortunately we haven't had a chance to shift our carcasses up there since December...or was it January?
I can't remember, too much crap in between drinks and between my ears since then.

This distance ed lark has whiskers on it with the extra pressure and anxiety caused by deadlines and constant phone calls from teachers; the whole idea was for him to have to answer to someone other than his Mama as educator but all it's done is given him a shedload more issues.
Today he rocked himself to sleep on the couch after fretting about schoolwork - yet again.
So, I'm pulling the pin.

We're taking tomorrow off, playing hookey, going on a homeschooling excursion of our choice, wandering off into the wide blue yonder; we'll probably park our carcasses at the museum to drink in the peace and soul-restoring tranquility of the fossils.
Yes, dead stuff is good.
It doesn't generally talk back.


Andrew said...

Dunolly was mentioned on the wireless today. They reckon they are going to win the footy grand final.

peskypixies said...

I think a day off is a great idea.

Valerie Foley said...

We are all about the excursions in this house.

Distance Ed brings its pressures, though at this point in his life, Billy is oblivious. I am coming over all school prefect, but he's fine!!

Enjoy the fossils and the adventure.


GB's Mom said...

WE call them "mental health days"

Ðéví said...

That's a disappointment about the Distance schooling not being a positive thing, but you and the A-Teen (sounds good, hey?!) are awesome for always looking for something that will work better.

Have a wonderful, relaxing day!