Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Ginormous Godzilla-like teen I found at my place...

Right, so when I touched back down to planet earth after the blogging conference I was greeted at the front door by an Aspie teen who I could physically see had grown.
Not that I'd been away and kept imagining him smaller than what he already really was (he's been a few cms taller than me for months now and I'm not allowed to forget it *snort*) but this was noticable.

Wednesday he re-read his football team newsletter and discovered he should have started training 2 weeks previously (minor moment but quickly settled) then....
"You better try on your footy boots to see if they still fit," hubby remarked and I almost choked on my cuppa tea.
Whistling in the wind with that one, dear.
This kid has had more growth spurts in the past 6-8 months than I've had hot dinners.
No, footy boots too small, so off they trotted to the nearby (thank god) soccer shop where the clod-hoppers didn't break the bank.

Yes, that does say size 14.

Just for argument's sake I got the Aspie teen up against the measuring wall thingie - doesn't every house have one?  (ours is the inside of the kitchen door frame).
Yep, he'd edged upwards a good 5cms since we last measured.

It may or may not have something to do with the tonnes of meals he works his way through every day.....


jazzygal said...

Oh my, he sure is growing! I've an 11 year old (PDD-nos) who is almost as tall as me and getting more grown up by the day. As everyone keeps pointing out!

xx Jazzy

Ðéví said...

*gazes into crystal ball and sees* Doorway height renovations throughout the entire house coming up!

Alternately, Aspie teen can learn to duck. ;-)

River said...

What is it with teen boys these days? Kelley's boy is really tall too and my grandson is just 15 and stands 5'9", with a muscly build from sports.

Ro said...

They just suddenly shoot upwards, Jazzygal!

The second option sounds like the better one, Devi lol.

Mine's thereabouts, too, River, maybe a tad taller.