Monday, March 28, 2011

Do YOU socialise with 1000+ of your peers 5 days per week? Then you're just not socialising enough!

Right, you lot!
You, you and you - up the back, hiding behind the lamp post, chewing on your hair - you're all to come up here and give a public speech about how you all socialise with 1000+ of your peers every single day.


Come on now, surely you've been to school?
Surely you've been taught 'the proper way' to socialise with gazillions of total strangers you have nothing in common with and been taught to enjoy your discomfort even when most of them farted the alphabet in science class after egg sangas at lunch?
And, surely to goodness, you're continuing this tradition now that you're all growed up and socialised proper?
(the socialisation, not farting the alphabet around the water cooler to impress that weird work experience chick from accounting)
*rolls eyes*

What do you mean you "don't associate with that many people even at work" ????
Is this some kind of madness?
You've been to school, that's where you learn to socialise!
Maybe you didn't learn properly?!
*rolls eyes again*

I have been told that to ensure correct socialisation (which is apparently the cause of a teenager hearing voices and hurting himself) the answer is to send an anxiety-ridden, mentally unwell child back to an over-crowded secondary school.
Because, apparently, belonging to 4 different sporting clubs, a drama club, lapidary club, a social group with a social worker and psychologist on hand, not to forget having frequent excursions...none of these count.
 *rolls eyes wildly until they fall out of head*

Got to love those who are so rigid in their beliefs that homeschooled kids
A) don't get taught anything
B) have no socialisation
and repeat ad infinitum only what they know - that 'normal' schools are the only way to educate and teach kids to be social.
*rolls pre-plonked eyeballs wildly across bench top in attempt to be sarcastic*
*avoids teabags on bench cos those sting eyeballs like a mofo*

Cos, goodness knows, we all spend about 8-10 hours each day with over 1000 people, behaving in a socially acceptable manner at all times, never wishing to have time to ourselves and, because we are all Borgs/replicas none of us ever feel anxious/nervous/claustrophobic or stressed at sharing so much of our lives with these strangers we have little in common with.
Don't we...?

*No eyeballs were hurt in the making of this dribble*


Madmother said...

Who the hell told you that load of codswallop?

Ðéví said...

*hugs* I love it when you vent.

I am hearing this from so many sources, every day.

From sources who know my daughter very well and know how she learns (i.e. her tutors) I hear that she will probably be overwhelmed at High School and needs to be in a more nurturing environment.

Interesting, that.

Do the people saying this know your boy?

peskypixies said...

oh gawd.....what eejits said this???
I can go for days only seeing my immediate family..........all 4 of them......
I think that often homeschooled kids are more socialised than kids who go to school.


Ro said...

Hey, MM , this was the pronouncement from the psych the other week - this will apparently address most of his 'disabilities' *ahem* !

*snort* Devi, of course they don't know him, I think the guy has spent a total of less than 2 hours with him lol.

Thanks, Peskypixies, I just gotta laugh at this nonsense cos it's so bizarre.

Madmother said...


Ignore caps lock disease.

River said...

What are you talking about woman??

I went to a "normal" school, where I learned to write and do my sums, learned about grammar, a little science, history.....
Reading I could already do.

But there was no teaching of socialisation. No help for the shy kid with hints or lessons on how to fit in, how to approach others begin conversations.

Cheryl D. said...

That just sucks! Does this mean anything, in terms of not being able to home-school your son or is this just one idiot's opinion? Hopefully, it's just his opinion!

Mad Cow said...

Hmmm, yeah, send him back into a mainstream, overcrowded high school. He can socialise with other 'problem' kids who have no social skills, he can be targeted for being bright & different, he can learn unsocial behaviours from kids with a distinct lack of good parenting at home. Oh & all this, more than likely without an Aide to guide & support him as he's too high functioning & IQ is too great to qualify....It shouldn't be a problem, if the EXPERT says so...PFFT!
Keep up the good work you do at home!!

Happy Elf Mom said...

Ro... I just dealt with having to call the cops last night because one of the "normal" kids in a "normal" school kept threatening to off himself on twitter because it was all too much to deal with, what he was going through at school.

Dang cops didn't know what twitter was and kept asking me about my *relationship* with the boy. Um??? Anyone can read TWITTER!

Good grief... stereotypes need to stop. Just do what you feel is best for your child and if you're wrong then change it! Ya know??? We adults always make it so hard on each other.