Sunday, June 26, 2011

Hopes raised (again) but in a good way

The day arrived when the feral Aspie teen was sectioned (again) by the police and (Finally!!!) admitted to the adolescent psych unit.
C'mon, let's hear it....
About F'kn Time!

Yes, he'd lost the plot (again) and bashed us up (again) and we called the police (again) and thankfully one of the 4 who barrelled through the door in flak jackets with their capsicum spray at the ready (again) was a regular visitor while another had been here and had sectioned him on the other ocassion.

Gotta love the police when they can stand there and (later, after Aspie teen had calmed down) comment on how much the lad has grown since this policeman last eyeballed him *snort*

He's happy, he's settled, he's getting help, he's having to face up to a lot of things we've tried to help him with but he brushed off our suggestions (strangely they're the same things being suggested by the staff, lol always someone else), he's getting eyeballed and listened to and supervised and observed.

I'm just hoping that now he's got his toe inside the heavily-guarded hosp unit he (and we) can get on-going support for when he comes home.
But now, we take it one day at a time and thank the Gummy Mary there was a bed available for him when we desperately needed it.


BUSH BABE said...

I am going to be really honest and say that my experience of autism is very limited. I feel horror that you have to go through this Jayne - I cannot imagine the emotional toll (let alone the physical one).

I have some experience with mental illness, and I DO understand the awful issues with getting the help you need IMMEDIATELY you need it.

Hugs (and hope)

Madmother said...

It is not so much the autism as the acquired brain injury. So sad to see what you battle now for D. So bloody hard when help is a battle in itself.

Here for a vent if you need one. xx

Eccentricess said...

Oh I am SO glad! Knowing what you were going through had me worried.

Here's hoping your lovely lil fella (who is taller than me but still a youngun) gets the help he needs to be able to move onwards from all the difficulties he has to deal with.

I hadn't realised the police were involved. I know when my cousin finally got put in Jail (meth use anger issues) the police knew him quite well and had been hoping his Dad/my Uncle would charge him. I know the issue is different, but the more severe intervention has had a brilliant effect on my cousin, so I will hope for something wonderful to come out of this. :-D

My love to the three of you.

Joyce said...

Hope something good comes out of this for you xx

Cheryl D. said...

I hope he gets the help he needs.

You know it's bad when the responding police can comment on how much he's grown since the last time he's seen him. That was pretty funny in a sick, twisted way!

Here's to the police not having to respond any more! I hope things get better!

Nikki aka Widdle Shamrock said...

It has been so frustrating to hear of how you have asked and asked and ASKED for help and been ignored.

Here's hoping that FINALLY, someone will listen and continue to work with D and give him the help he so obviously needs.

And here's hoping that while he is where he needs to be, Mummy and Daddy can take some time to rest and look after themselves.

Myst_72 said...

I felt so relieved for you reading this. It sounds like he is in excellent hands.
It strikes me as very important that he is observed in all frames of mind, not just the acute state he would have arrived in.

Love to you all ♥


River said...

It's so frustrating that the help you need never comes until someone is hurt or the police have to be called in. Multiple times.
I hope your boy improves and learns to listen when others are trying to help him. Any chance the accquired brain injury will get better?

peskypixies said...

so glad your boy is getting the help he needs and you also get a break.


Cammy said...

In life when we cant get help that is most frustrated moment. We should make ourselves so better that we have not need to want somebody's help.

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