Monday, June 20, 2011

Have a nap...or ten...

What a wild and woolly day it's been in Melbourne!
And under this roof, albeit for a short moment in the blip of the universe.
Aspie teen fell alseep after breakfast then after lunch, for no rhyme or reason, the grunting and punching started while he lay on the floor in front of us sitting on the couch so we studiously ignored him and passed insightful remarks about the TV show....
"That dress looks OW! quite nice on *gasp* her,"
"Yeah, she should OUCH! wear that OW! colour Ah ah ah ah! more AHHHHHH! often,"
"Did you grrrrrrrr! want another cup of Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! tea?"
"Thanks, but I'll OW! get it ouch!"

Needless to say our feet and shins are enormously grateful he was able to be talked down back into reality after briefly falling asleep.
Then he et a big tea...or rather he got me to feed him his meal (don't ask, it's a recent thing) then watched a bit of telly and promptly fell asleep.
Wish I could get to sleep as easily as he does....


Madmother said...

Wow - new take on night terrors... for the parents.

So, the meal feeding thing?

River said...

Get some of those tough as steel moon boots the astronauts wear.

Meal feeding?

Anonymous said...

hugs hugs hugs hugs hugs

Andrew said...

Life of Riley and you want to sleep too. Dear me.

Eccentricess said...

I didn't post earlier cos my thought wouldn't solidify, but it has, it has!
You know swimming noodles? Super cheap and if you slice them open, they would make excellent shin guards and cause no damage to young hands, either. :-)

Love the conversation that carries on calmly over the top of all this dreamtime action.