Saturday, November 19, 2011

Things I know

Today is Sans Pants & Bra Saturday!!
Which I shamelessy pinched from both Kelley and Shae.
Following on from Sans Pants & Bra Friday Evening.
Woop, woop.
Yeah, yeah, I know, I know TMI.
Get over it, I did *snort*

The Feral Aspie is distracting himself from the thunder - which isn't actually thunder but the construction of another multi-storey apartment building nearby but sounds like some Greek Goddess is chucking a tanty over the top of the house  - and is relaxing by blowing up zombies and skeletons.
Apologies to the Accidental Insect Pornographer, Kim, despite your high Klout level in Zombies when the zombie apocolypse starts I'll be hiding behind him!

The things I know are that my gorgeous boy is needing time out from mainstream school and this toenail was a blessing.
That I hesitated signing off to not register to homeschool again next year (you have to register each year in Victoria).
That maybe I'll register again just in case and look to part-time homeschooling/mainstream schooling for taking the pressure off.
That things got so bad a few weeks back that my beautiful, clever Aspie told me he was considering suicide.
And that he'd thought of different ways to do it.
That I watch him like a hawk, surreptitiously, and worry each time he walks out the door to go to school.
That the TV show Glee the other night proved my point when Santana was called out on her bullying, that she was feeling so miserable inside and was trying to make others feel the same misery.
That there is a horrible epidemic amongst our gorgeous kids that are making them so angry and unfullfilled with themselves that they are destroying each other just to survive.
That the mental health system sucks hairy dogs' balls.
That I have my splendid, happy boy right at this moment in time and that makes everything right in the world.


River said...

There needs to be some sort of research into the "horrible epidemic" that is amongst the kids these days.
Could it be simply that times are moving too fast, with everything being "rush" or "I want it now", or "I need it yesterday", especially in businesses, and this flows on down to the kids in schools, kids in the workforce...
Taking your time, having a daydream now and again, just isn't allowed so much. Think about toddlers, preschoolers etc who have every minute of their day programmed for them. Extracurricular activities, groups, clubs. Where is the breathing space? The time to take it all in/ to decide what it is you really want or want to do?

Fen said...

You're right, the mental health system does suck. But those of us working in it try our very best with the limited resources we have, even though we get paid utter shite.

Ro said...

Yep, River, they need to s-l-o-w down and disconnect from the wi-fi technology, even for a few hours.

Oh, I whole-heartedly agree, Fen!
The system is fucked but the workers are doing their best with sweet FA budgets, facilities and man-power.

frogpondsrock said...

I will have to put him on my list then, :) What list? "Handy people to know in a zombie apocalypse" that list.

shae said...

I love me a sans pants and bra day

Fleur said...

I have a child with autism too, Ro. He's not old enough to think about suicide, but he is old enough to know he's different and not understand why he is targeted by other kids, which he is. It breaks our heart, but he is the most lovling kid I know and I think, he's incredible!