Friday, November 18, 2011

Barefoot Beastie

I have the Feral Aspie teen at home for a few days as he has had part of his toenail permanently removed by a scalpel-wielding GP.
Thank Gawd!!!
Him being grumpy and irritable snapping "I dunno" when asked what the problem is makes for egg-shell walking at home.
Because he doesn't connect the pain in his foot with his irritable mood, being completely at odds with his emotions.

It's given him some breathing space from school, too, where he can relax and unwind, getting his head into a happier headspace before going back and managing the exams.
Which are causing all kinds of anxiety, no matter how much we reassure him.

I'm thinking the half-days he used to have as a youngster at primary school might be on our horizon, again.
With the increased heat, longer days and general angst with end of year exams, etc, I can see us bringing home a lot of his schoolwork to tackle it at home in the afternoons.
I may need to chat to the principal about part-time school and part-time homeschooling, to give Feral Aspie Beastie some time out and an escape from the bullies.
We'll see!


Lisa said...

How long until the school holidays for you?
I only have youngest still with a few more weeks. Speedy has finished his year 11 exams, so is therefore 'not required' until February. Aaargh.

Ro said...

School hols start mid-December but there's a week that he's having off in lieu of the school camp ;)

River said...

I know how grumpy I get when my feet hurt and that's without having half a toenail being cut off! At least his foot will heal so his temper will improve a bit. I hope you and the principal can come to some sort of arrangement about the schooling.

peskypixies said...

ouchies for his poor ole toe.

glad he gets a bit of a break........thats always a good thing.