Thursday, June 10, 2010

Aspie teen and art

Well, we hit the Bendigo train before the sun was even up and the Aspie teen managed to sleep almost the whole way there, waking up in a great mood.
We tramped all over the town, exploring and visiting op shops, he had a ball.
The day was all about him and his love of art, history and architecture.
He snapped some green parrots in the trees and loved the water features around the town - water has always soothed him and has an almost hypnotic effect on him.
He's asked a few times when is he returning to his uni studies which I've fended off with a 'wait and see' reply but yesterday he really got into the art on display and began discussing the art studies he's completed and how he'd like to do some more.
We shall see.
He totally fell in love with McCubbin's impressionist style, he met his first (Brett) Whiteley paintings and found them to be potential friends, while the few (Arthur) Boyd works snagged his soul, too.
We're off to be entertained with a free organ concert at the Melbourne Town Hall next Wednesday and I think we shall be squeezing  in a visit to the National Gallery, too.
Still no word on assessments and another massive meltdown wrestled with this arvo but I'll just keep chugging along with the art to sooth the aggro and let the 'experts' catch me up when they can get organised.


Lisa said...

Oh, I just love picturing you and teen getting on with 'what he needs' while the professionals dither and do nothing.

It's just... what we do.

And by the time the dear experts decide on a course of action, teen will be back on track, and then they'll give you that 'over reacting parent' look, and try to tell you that it can't have been serious, and definitely not an emergency.

Great, isn't it?

Ro said...

Yeah, they're good at doing a whole lot of nothing, Lisa, and have made an art form from looking busy while doing it, too.