Friday, June 4, 2010

Winter comes in with a sniffle

One of the bonus side effects of homeschooling Aspie teen for the past 4 years is that he hasn't been getting Every.Single.Little virus going around like he once did.
He used to brew up temps of 40 and over with all the symptoms of meningitis, always after hours, that had me rushing him up to the local A&E dept every other month.
The verdict?
Just his reaction to another 'harmless' virus bug doing the rounds. Usual suspects of paracetamol and Ibuprofen to shovel down his throat, keep up the fluids and he'll be right in several days.
Speaking to other mums with kids on the Spectrum I found this was a common reaction to virus'.
I'm all for kids being exposed to germs to strengthen their immune system but these would wipe him out for up to a week, leave him feeling miserable and then it would go through the household.
Between you, me and the lamp-post it's been a relief that we haven't been battling these bugs from another point of view; as Dad's immune system is so screwed it won't take much to knock him sideways.
But now the kid has got a viral bug on board and is feeling, not completely miserable, but not happy.
Had to call the pharmacy to double check what I could give him that isn't contra-indicated with his anti-anxiety meds, thankfully we had one of the usual commercial suspects that dries up the snot factory and coughs that is compatible.
He's agreed to miss gem club Saturday and playing footy on Sunday so we know he's definitely sick!
Just hope he can shake the nastier part of it before we troop off to Bendigo to see the McCubbin exhibition next week.
*sniff sniff*
Uh oh.

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