Saturday, June 19, 2010

The coming of the Aspergians

While we know we have a clever child we have never told him as such.
Yes, it sounds odd but it's not, really.
He knows he has Asperger's, he knows all about the Autism Spectrum, Tourette's, ADHD, OCD, etc, but he doesn't know he is what some call 'gifted'.
Because we have never used that word.
We have always encouraged him in his interests - mummifying the fish at age 9 (which I just found again in the cupboard the other week), completing several archaeological digs on the backyard, building mudbrick pyramid tombs for the deceased chooks (as you do), completing 5 university subjects so far, etc - but we've never referred to him as 'gifted' or 'a genius', he just is.
He knows he can prattle off the names off the geological ages of the Earth, explain what the climate is like on each planet in our solar system, describe the process by which iron ore is formed within the earth and extracted by man but he still takes awhile deciphering analogue time, tying laces is a slow process and his handwriting (like most Aspies) is akin to chicken scratchings.
Some people assume that because he's 'so clever' that everything comes easily to him - it doesn't.
Nor is he a novelty, a nine-day wonder or a freak act in the sideshow of the circus as some people tend to parade their 'gifted' kids.
He is Aspergian, he's an Aspie with ADHD, Tourette's and OCD (don't ever bump his things out of line!!!!!!) and he's my beautifully wired pumpkin-pie who subscribes to the Big Bang theory (and tv show) and thinks most people are bizarre little freakazoids.
No, the Martians won't be taking over; it'll be the Aspergians.
Be afraid, bizarre little very afraid!


Deb said...

He sounds amazing - as a scientist and science teacher I'd love to chat with him. And it sounds like you are amazing parents to support him being such an individual.

fiona2107 said...

Once again Ro - you crack me up!

"Be afraid little very afraid!" LMAO!

Your son sounds like someone I could spend hours listening to. I love people who know everything about particular topics- they fascinate me!

Debby said...

Would your little 'freakazoid' come and take an A and P exam?


Ro said...

Thanks, Deb :)
You'd be pushed to get a word in edge-ways with him, though, once he gets going he'd talk underwater with a mouth full of marbles lol.

Thanks, Fi, he loves a captive audience lol.

Seriously, he probably would, Debby, he's been devouring 'Martini's Atlas of The Human Body'.

@jencull (jen) said...

I love that he just 'is', the best way to be.

My eldest has figured out that his toddler brother is 'very very smart' but we don't tell people what HRH can do because how do you explain that ok, he can't talk yet but he has skills equivalent to a child twice his age in other areas (he is 2 and half years old now). It is far less complicated to just take our children as they are and follow their interests, the same as we do with all of our children, ASD or not!

I love your ribbon and the get over it remark, can I use that when people start droning on at me? :D

Lovely to meet you.