Saturday, June 19, 2010

Social skills for teens - with and without ASD Aspergers Autism ADHD or Tourettes

Yes, most teens need social skill classes, or maybe just some tips, on how to behave in an appropriate manner.
Sitting on Kyneton railway station yesterday and there was the usual suspects; several teen girls hanging around a couple of teen boys who were showing off to their enraptured female audience by swearing their heads off and being too rough in horse play judging by the loud complaints from one of the girls.
This actually made the boys pull up and calm their behaviour of their own applying the brakes and firmly marking a social boundary.
How many teens feel unable to apply these brakes by speaking up, by saying that they don't like something that a peer is doing?
How many are unable to recognise these boundaries?
There are social stories galore for our younger kids, whether they're on the Autistic Spectrum or not, but many times these are not suitable and it seems that all teens are grossly over-looked; they could do with some social skills classes slipped in between maths and science.
Simply sitting teens down to explain what is and is not acceptable could make the world of difference to their lives as hormones can blind them to what is really very obvious.

Why teaching social skills to teenagers is important.
Social skills activities for children and teenagers.
Preparing to teach social skills to your teen.


Lulu said...

Thank you so much for those links! xxooxoxo

Ro said...

So glad someone found them helpful, Lulu :)

fiona2107 said...

Wonderful and very helpful post RO, I always look to your blog for ideas on what I am coming into. I have saved these links for future reference because I realise that my kids won't be kids forever and to be honest- the teenage years scare the heck outta me!
I hope I can be as good a mama as you are!
Thanks :)

Ro said...

Thanks, Fiona, I hope these are helpful but that you never really need them :)