Monday, June 14, 2010

Happiness is going to bed before the witching hour!

We've slowly debriefed ourselves from our whistle-stop trip to Bendigo and have plans to both return to see more and to do a wander through Kyneton.
Aspie teen has remembered how to negotiate his schoolwork each day with me instead of having monsterous meltdowns because he's brain isn't clicked into gear for coping with maths or literature comprehension, etc.
Writing contracts on the back of envelopes helps as does sticking them on the fridge so they jump out at ya first thing in the morning.
Also, I took a leaf out of Madmother's book and added Evening Primrose Oil to the Flaxseed and Fish oil; possibly may be seeing more connections and less fritzing on the wiring.
We let him have a normal burger from the House of Jack Who is Peckish and we've seen a few little hiccups of behaviour - whether it's the gluten in the bun or just Aspie teen, who knows, but we're in one piece with no bruises and nary a scratch on the house or the contents (yippee).
Yes, we count our blessings tiny though they may be.
Just negotiated 8 pages of text book exercises with an episode of Glee which has highlighted another of his strengths - love my boy who can't figure out most social situations but who can clearly see that homophobia is so frickin' last century.
Who are the ones with the disability again?
Anyways, last night we got more culture than just the tub of yoghurt when we let him watch a production of Coppelia on the idiot box - that's a classical ballet with a loopy toymaker thinking he can make his doll turn into a living chickybabe - heartily approved of by Aspie teen who is asking to see a ballet on stage, now.
I'll just hunt down the leprechaun with that pot of gold.....


Mistress B said...

Let me know how you go with finding that leprechaun.. I'd like a few words with him myself... lol

Glad the teen has been more settled for you. :)

AJ said...

Disability, an interesting word, sometimes. A teen who can see the beauty of ballet and can identify homophobia is a load of dog droppings. Hmm, I says to me widdle self. What a lovely change from teens who have the vocabulary of a slug.

Anonymous said...

I blame the gluten! He is far too sweet to be to blame ;)

Nikki aka Widdle Shamrock said...

I am so glad to hear Aspie teen has been a bit more himself and settled.

The leprechaun is hiding somewhere around here at Tir na NOg. I catch glimpses of him sometimes, especially after a few shots of black zambucca.

I remember seeing Coppelia when I was about 10. It was fab.

Ro said...

I'll glue his feet to the floor for you, B :P

Your eyes will glaze over if he gets you into conversation on Pokemon cards, AJ LOL.

I'm starting to see it may be the culprit after all, Carrie ;)

LOL Nikki, then you can glue the little buggers feet to the floor until we can catch him.
The leprechaun not my son ;)