Wednesday, June 16, 2010

My boy had a wow of a day

The Aspie teen has had a couple of minor meltdowns - and I do mean minor - with the yelling, swearing and aggro lasting all of 10 mins.
Yes, we thought it was such a lovely change from the hours on end of mental breakdowns he had to endure, too!
There's a couple of things we may be pointing the finger at - the gluten finally leaving and/or the build up of the fish, flaxseed and Evening primrose oils he's been taking.
He's calmer, he's making sense, he's almost back to his old self.
Took him in to see the Rupert Bunny exhibition at Fed Square; found some excellent homeschooling resources for it as it's had some education kits developed for use within schools. The downloads were for both primary and secondary students, very appealing, simple and easy but challenging to the student to use their observational skills in each painting.
He zipped through them without a complaint; fully focused and loving every minute of it, this is how I know he's getting better.
Then he chose some postcards of Rupert Bunny's and McCubbin's paintings, and quickly mentally calculated the cost (correctly), again showing that he's getting back on track.
Then we continued the homeschooling lesson up at the Melbourne Town Hall where they held a free organ concert;  twas fantabulous, the organist David MacFarlane brilliantly and wittily introduced each piece, explaining the strengths, the arguments within the music, who was influenced by what when it was created, etc.
The kid loved it so it was a great success.
The choice to homeschool him 4 years ago has not only paid off for him being able to spread his wings and explore both secondary and uni learning ahead of his peers but it's allowed him to have these hiccups along the way without putting more pressure on him with having to cope with mainstream school, too.


Anonymous said...

This is sounding very positive. You are doing a great job.

Adelaide Dupont said...

Oh wow.

Lots of people were at the Bunny exhibition.

I didn't know there were learning sheets.

Some really wonderful mythology and nature there.

Valerie Foley said...

I so needed to read this tonight.

As I know you needed to experience it!!

Yay, you guys. Just Yay!

Mary Paddock said...

Very glad to hear that he's better.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a fun filled day...

I'm stopping by from SITS to welcome you to the group.

Devi said...

You are Mum of Awesomeness, Ro.
Just checking that you know that.


Ro said...

Thanks, all, it's been just marvellous seeing him become himself again :)