Friday, June 18, 2010

Kyneton Museum, the regionals rock

Climbed aboard the country train with Aspie teen this morning and Kyneton (Central Victoria) was graced with our ever-so-slightly chilled presence on this brisk Winter's day.
Aspie teen loves the museums and galleries but I'm easing him into visiting regional ones ahead of the school hols so we don't have to miss out on his favourite obsessions that will otherwise, in Melbourne at least, be packed to the rafters with People!
And Kids!
Mostly Screaming Kids!
Which doesn't do wonders for his Aspergerian anxiety but school hols are only small interruptions and we're hitting the regionals, baby.
The Kyneton Museum is a gem, a loved-up local gem and one that you should seek out if you get the chance.
Situated in the former Bank of NSW (original 1860s building), they have exhibitions downstairs with the bank manager's residence upstairs fully furnished in the period of the day, with movement-activated recordings of what would have been usual conversations.
The stables, laundry, kitchen and 2-pot (a double bunger) outhouse are intact as is the original squatter's cottage, Theaden Homestead, again furnished in period style with recorded conversations of daily life.
Fabulous set up, run by friendly people and something I'd highly recommend to anyone.
We wandered up and down the streets and side-streets of Kyneton, admiring the Neo-Gothic churches, the beautiful architecture of many buildings inspired by the heady gold rush days right through to the Art Deco years and the many uses one can find for bluestone.
The town is a grand place to visit; we actually ran out of time (only 6 hours!) to complete our self-guided tour and so shall be returning at a later date to visit the cemetery, Botanic Gardens, the Farmer's Market (every 2nd Saturday in St Paul's Park) and the many little side streets that beckoned to our curiosity .
But for next week Aspie teen has chosen we shall visit Ballarat.


Donna. said...

Bugger Ro, pity I didn't know you were heading this way, I'm only 20 odd mins away, could of met up for a quick cuppa & then left you to it.

Youre right tho, Kyneton is a cool little place :)

Adelaide Dupont said...

Ballarat is a great choice for next visit.

Loved reading about the museum and what was in it. And Theaden Homestead, and the 6-hour tour full of side streets and byways.

Ro said...

Awww, bugger, Donna, I'll let you know when we're in your neck of the woods again, would love to catch up with you!
Thought of you as we chugged through Romsey lol.

Thanks, Adelaide, it's a great little town to visit, even for one of those afternoons to blow the cobwebs out of your system ;)

Donna said...

Next time Ro, I'll hold you to that :)

Isn't Romsey a cute little town? It's great wen they're not digging up all the crossings lol. I love the tree lined main street in Spring, Summer & Autumn, very pretty.

Ro said...

It's a lovely spot, Donna, I often drove through there on my way to Bendigo years ago and it was one of the nicer towns to have a stickybeak at ;)

J Bar said...

I'd like to visit Kyneton someday.
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