Monday, January 17, 2011

The Black Balloon is my life...almost

Finally watched The Black Balloon last night.
Yeah, yeah, call me slow but the universe conspired against me seeing this movie until now.
Aspie teen insisted on watching it and had a few moments throughout, identifying with a number of behaviours and events.
The scene where Thomas goes nuts on his 16th birthday and things get broken?
A  mere blink of an eyelid in our house; that scene goes on and on and on and on here, sometimes everyday, in one form or another.
The human services at the front door due to sticky nose neighbours?
Yep, had 'em here due to a new neighbour (who didn't want to meet anyone in the street) claiming we were tormenting Aspie toddler when we were trying to toilet train him.

Toilet training was a nightmare and deserves a whole post on its own.
No, seriously, it does.
And you will thank me for it.

The scene where the mainstream school kids are picking on Charlie?
Eldest daughter's high school was near Aspie boy's autistic school and a number of her (male) classmates found it necessary to stand near the fence at recess and inform the younger children of their correct titles their parents had forgotten to tell them.
Titles like retard, dipshit, spastic, fucktard,  and others.
Eldest daughter tried defending the younger kids but was laughed at, which made her mad.
Teachers did nothing.
So she told her mummy.
Her mummy and Aspie boy met the ring leader on his way home from school one day and, seeing as he'd battled getting his message across large playing areas and a fence, he was politely offered the chance to inform Aspie boy to his face what his correct title was.
Sadly, the ring leader felt the need to start training for the 1 km dash and was last seen galloping down the street with a 4 year old in hot pursuit.
About a week later someone who looked like the former ring leader apologised to eldest daughter and Aspie boy.
I guess it took him a week to grow a pair of balls.

I digress.
The Black Balloon is my life...almost.
We will have Aspie teen living with us forever, we will have to troubleshoot a lot of life for him, we will have to continually explain things and correct his misconceptions.
But, unlike the movie ending,  we will not be sharing a bath tub with him.....
Cos the little bugger WILL pee on our leg!


deardarl said...

I hadn't seen it before either.
I looked with a different perspective (an outsider looking in) and saw the patience of the mother, the father's sense of humour, Charlie's raw emotions and confusion mixed with his pure joy at simple things, the juxtaposed selflessness and selfishness in Tom and the sheer bloody understanding and compassion from the mother-less girlfriend.

Not to mention the superb acting from the entire cast.
A movie I won't quickly forget.

Madmother said...

I watched some of it, then changed channels. Our lives are far closer to Big Bang Theory than Black Balloon.

which is scary in itself.

Beet said...

my brother isn't a forever child, but there was so much of my growing up in that movie it wasn't funny. Okay trying to eat the tampon was funny, but yeah.

Devi said...

re Mummy meets ringleader:
I so love it when you are terrifying!

River said...

Bugger, I missed it! Had it circled in the TV program and all, because I like Toni Collette, she's good in everything she does. Then I was busy reading blogs and forgot to change channels.

carriemumof2withasd said...

oooo I loved this movie. I have seen it 4 times :)