Sunday, June 19, 2011

A shower is not a conspiracy...really....

So, we're still alive.
We are black, blue, purple and brindle but we are still breathing.
Or so it's rumoured.
Staying on the quiet, keeping things even...steady....calm....
Sorta like holding back the waves of the ocean with your bare hands.
Yeah, and just as successful *snort*
Aspie teen has it set in his head that when he has a shower it HAS to be right before he goes to bed.
Not before and certainly not in any morning.
Unless he's got something on....then it takes days to get him psyched into an unscheduled shower.
So, tonight, we managed to talk him into having a hot, soothing shower to ease his aching muscles post-footy match in just 3 hours and without a major hiccup.
Mini meltdown that involved enough heavy breathing and wall-knocking stims that would make any Poltergeist happy certainly but it barely rated an  "oh, crap, not again " in light of recent events so we won't log that one.
Gave him a thorough back rub after the shower with the good old Deep Heat, then he was shocked at how much better his back felt and how much more easily he was able to move.
Yeah, we got vindicated, baby!!!!
Parents don't talk through a hole in their heads, woot!


Eccentricess said...

Admirable persistance and yes! Sometimes parents are saying it to be helpful, not just so they can gleefully watch their kids do useless things.

Love a hot shower for my back. I don't function in the morning till my backs had that little bit of loving to let it move more freely. And a stretch.

Anonymous said...

nothing like the joy of being right!!!!!


River said...

Hot showers and Deep Heat are two of my very best friends.

Madmother said...

Just remind him:
Penis... Deep Heat... NO!